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With over 35 years of experience as a licensed Architect in Northern California, Michael brings a lifetime of appreciation of art and nature to his designs in the Sierra Foothills.  We help our clients to carefully craft a design which fits with their site, lifestyle and vision to create a structure of timeless beauty.  With over 300 projects in Northern California with 200 of them being residential, Michael has become an icon in the Sierra Nevada Foothills.  His superior design ability can be easily recognized.  His structures provide attractive and distinctive environments which retain their value and remain in demand.  Michael is dedicated to Auburn and the surrounding communities of the Sierra foothills and has devoted much of his time keeping good design and planning alive-- changing the face of the community in a positive way.

We are concerned with energy efficient architecture, the impact our structures have on the land and the sustainability of the built environment.    Ultimately the responsibility to create a sustainable society rests on the choice of each individual.  We work to integrate the structure with the site to maximize the sun’s natural heating capabilities when you need it and minimize it when you don’t.  Passive solar design is the first step in creating an energy efficient structure.  We are experts in working with the natural terrain, epic views, special site features, difficult sites, preserving existing trees, unafraid of experimentation and new ideas. 

We are not limited to large projects.  No project is too small if it requires great depth of imagination and detail.

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Michael in Pompeii, Italy

“When people ask me who designed my house, I say. “Michael Kent Murphy is our Architect.”  I knew what I wanted, I described it to Michael and he made it so easy.....he sketched it.....it was perfect and I said, “That’s it!”
When I stand in my house and look through the living space, I appreciate that there is so much more to design than simply knowing what you want.  From my library, I see a harmonic dance of light on the angles and arches.  From my hearth I sense volume and interest.  From my bedroom I feel serenity and beauty.  From every space and room I see my dream realized in fine details that I never could have imagined.  I see the work of a visionary and artist- my friend and Architect Michael Murphy.
My unique house feels rooted to the earth and anchored in history.  I loved it when it was on paper, I loved it when it was just new, and I love it now.  My house belongs where it is on this lovely site with the native trees around it embracing it-as if it had been there-aging with them for the past hundred years.”

Leslie Warren
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